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Our Process
Our process for building a home is the result of over X years experience in building and remodeling homes. At Martin & Son it is our goal to make building or remodeling as easy and stress free as possible for our clients.
1) Meeting & Developing A Plan
We build relationships first, buildings second. When you feel comfortable with your builder, your whole experience is better. And because we take great pride in doing things the right way from the very start, it's very important to us that we know exactly what you're looking for and to create a home that you'll truly love. When we first meet, we will discuss what type of home you want to build, review floor plans, and offer a rough estimate.
2) Detailed Estimating
After you decide that you are ready to build with us, we will put together a detailed estimate for your project. In this estimate we will give allowances and budgets for each item in your home. The budgets are based on our meetings with you and the information we gather. These budgets are not final until you decide that they are.
3) Scheduling & Building
Once a set budget is created and agreed upon, we move forward with building your home. This involves creating and managing an ongoing schedule of events and subcontractors.
4) Making Selections
Picking out everything from faucets to paint in a new home can be a large task for many people. We are available and happy to assist you in this process should you choose.
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