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When to re-side your home.
And what to choose. Wood or vinyl?
The following conditions may indicate its time to reside your home to protect it and prevent potential damage:

Is there an indication of damage, weathering, decay?

Is siding crumbling, rotten, cracked, malformed, loose, or missing?

Is there evidence of moisture, water stains, moss, or algae?

Is there evidence of interior damage as a result of exterior problems?

Re-siding your home is a very important part of maintaining a home. And the choice between wood and vinyl siding can be a challenging one. Things to consider when selecting new siding for your home is
your home's architectural style, the neighborhood, the type of material and its appropriateness to the New England climate, and the environmental impact of the material itself. Other considerations, of course, include cost, longevity, and how much ongoing maintenance is required. Energy and sound insulation are also important factors to consider.

The value of your home can be affected by your choice. If you choose a material that isn't suitable you could lose value. On the flip side, choosing can mean appreciation in your home's value.

All siding is susceptible to various problems, but also has unique characteristics to recommend it. The following table shows relative advantages and disadvantages to consider when contemplating a new exterior for your home.

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Wood/Vinyl Comparison Chart
► Durable
► Beautiful
► Natural
► Offers some insulation value
► Takes stain and paint well
► Easy to repair and install
► Environmentally friendly
► Biodegradable when not treated with preservatives
► Requires painting or staining which adds to the cost
► Regular maintenance cleaning and repainting
► May foster growth of algae, mildew, or moss that left untreated can promote rot and deterioration
► Very popular
► PVC (polyvinyl chloride)
► Easy to maintain—low maintenance doesn´t require repainting
► Comes in a variety of colors
► Very cost effective
► No insulation value; may require backings for insulation
► May be damaged by severe storms or even heat (think BBQ)
► Limited range of colors available
► Relatively difficult to repair
► PVC vinyl releases toxic dioxin when it is burned. Environmentally unsatisfactory. Also, some people dislike its aesthetic value
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